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A creative team from Ukraine working in the genre of immersive projects.

the time

First in Portugal immersive THE TIME promenade ❤️

A sensory exploration of Lisbon

"THE TIME" is a promenade performance, which explores the very concept of time and our relations with it:


Is there such a thing as time in general, or is it just another mode of thinking? Is it a category that can in essence be measured? How and what do we use our time for?

During the promenade people focus on the sensations of the moment – to see the city, the streets and people around in a new way, freeze, look up at the sky or begin racing each other; get a glimpse of the stranger’s eyes, notice small details and take a minute to stare at the display cases, the street musicians or the chess players in the park.

The spectators-participants enter a state of suspense due to the unpredictability of the route, the emergence of their own memories and interconnections with their personal story.


The storyline of "THE TIME" draws our attention to the number of things around us that are often left unnoticed.


90 min

Start location

R. da Pimenta 57 a 61,

1990-048 Lisboa




Portuguese, English, Ukrainian

Number of participants

Up to 30 participants

- One Ticket for 1 person -

You can also book a group tour and receive an individual discount & format.

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