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A creative team from Ukraine working in the genre of immersive projects.


First in Portugal immersive STEREO 🎧 experience for 2 ❤️

Love adventure for couples in Lisbon

Get ready for an adventure that unfolds on a stadium, where you’ll engage in sporty challenges and delve deep into personal questions. Every aspect of this experience is designed with psychology in mind, blending athletic tasks with intimate inquiries. You will get 60 minutes of feelings and sensations, thoughts and observations, human stories and a full life in every moment. Alone. With yourself and with your significant other. Is there a relationship that becomes just a habit, dissolving into routine? Is there love that knows no barriers and can be reborn even after a betrayal?
What can You tell about it? And what can tell others?


1 Hour


Estádio 1° de Maio




Portuguese, English, Ukrainian

Number of participants


- One Ticket for 2 persons (for a couple) -

- Him and Her. Him and Him. Her and Her -

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