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A creative team from Ukraine working in the genre of immersive projects.

the time

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Experience a corporate THE TIME event like never before with Uzahvati Portugal. We offer the opportunity to emotionally recharge and gain fresh perspectives on the ordinary. From routine tasks to the people  & places around us, our experiences can be transformed. Build strong relationships and promote collaboration in the evolving office work environment.


Uzahvati Portugal delivers a unique emotional journey, redefining the way participants perceive their surroundings. We can help your team undergo an emotional reset and view processes through a new lens.

Would you like to organize an experience for a corporate event on special terms? Please contact us to discuss the details

Collaborate with us to create a bespoke event tailored to your team's needs

Our exclusive performances are crafted to your specifications, featuring original scripts and curated venues outside traditional theater spaces. From casting actors to designing sets and lighting, we handle every aspect of production and rehearsal. Expect a day unlike any other - one filled with emotion, meaning, and unforgettable moments. Make it a day that resonates on a deep level with Uzahvati Portugal.


Corporate events are now essential for building strong relationships and promoting collaboration in the evolving office work environment.


Explore yourself



Meaningful gift

Break up


Original experience with deep emotions

We can organize a personalized experience for you and your team

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What’s included in a corporate event

Ability to tailor performances to match the company's values or integrate brand elements into the audio track.

Convenient timing and flexibility with the number of participants.

A unique solution for your partner/client events.

Personal manager assistance is available for all inquiries.

Audience members become participants in an emotional experience with maximum engagement.

Full photo and video package offered for groups of 15 or more.

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